EMY ARMOR (Bianca Cordileone)

EMY ARMOR designer, Bianca Cordileone is the Albert Einstein of avant-garde accessorizing. Inspired by all that is unique, her admiration for loud fashion and her creative energy; EMY ARMOR came into fruition. One late night, a sudden insight inspired and sparked the designer’s imagination to take what she had and build what she envisioned. The outcome of this late night fashion experiment was the first EMY ARMOR body harness.

From then on, EMY ARMOR has been dedicated to using high quality materials in order to execute these one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Whether dressed up or dressed down, EMY ARMOR elevates anyone’s look from ordinary to exceptional. Feel empowered and express yourself through EMY ARMOR fashion. DON’T JUST WEAR JEWELRY, WEAR ARMOR…EMY ARMOR.